My attempt to complete Ray Bradbury's 1,000 Nights
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  1. To collect enough great literature to allow for the reading of one short story, poem, and essay each night for 1,000 nights.


The hardest part of this challenge is finding the reading material, preferably in an online format. Any help tracking down stories, poems, and essays (and attribution / links) would be greatly appreciated. To contribute:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Read the in whichever folder you want to submit a piece (short stories / poems / essays)
  3. Check the file to get a list of sites we've collected that need scoured!
  4. Create a pull request with your changes
  5. Get reading!

Optionally: I've never had the chance to use by Bitcoin address for anything, but should you feel inclined to help me stay caffeinated - thanks! Address: 19FtJ8iTeirT9qqw9HMjE9n76KfBA33zEU


In 2001, Ray Bradbury gave a speech at (video starts around 11:00) the University of California where he encouraged young writers to read three things every night:

  1. One short story (Dahl, Hemingway, Matheson, Cheever, Kneale, Collier, Warton, Irving)
  2. One poem (Shakespeare, Frost, Pope)
  3. One essay (Huxley, Eiseley)

His goal is to make you into a collector of the metaphor -- filling your head with thoughts, theories, and ideas before bed, rather than completing another level in Angry Birds.

This repository is to help me 1.) follow Bradbury's advice and 2.) create a list of reading material to fill 1,000 nights.

Hat tip to Rands in Repose for originally alerting me to the video.