Python Actor concurrency library
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Thespian Actor Library

This library provides the framework of an Actor model for use by applications implementing Actors.

Thespian Site with Documentation:

Please report any issues here via the Github issue tracker.

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See the Thespian Release Notes.


As of 31 Mar 2017 (corresponding to version 3.7.2 of Thespian), the Thespian primary author (Kevin Quick) is no longer working at GoDaddy. This author is still committed to the development and maintenance of the Thespian library, and is doing so on a forked version at This fork will continue to use the above mailing list, the domain, and publish via pypi under the "thespian" package name.

Any modifications and support of GoDaddy's original version of Thespian ( will be done solely at GoDaddy's discretion; the original author will monitor those changes and merge them into the author's version at as appropriate.