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Thespian Actor Library

This library provides the framework of an Actor model for use by applications implementing Actors.

Thespian Site with Documentation:

Please report any issues here via the Github issue tracker.

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See the Thespian Release Notes.


Thespian was developed at GoDaddy as part of the support for GoDaddy's dedicate and virtual server product line. At one point, Thespian was helping to manage 10,000 physical servers via a combination of on-server and remote actors.

The primary Thespian author (Kevin Quick) is no longer working at GoDaddy, but through GoDaddy's willingness to open-source the Thespian code and transfer the rights to this author, this repository is still being maintained and developed. With heartfelt thanks to the Vertigo team at GoDaddy, this Python Actor model has been developed and refined to provide a highly functional library for general use.