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Shadow of @kanripo

The repositories in this account provide a snapshot of the files available on the GitHub @kanripo account.

The files are presented in a modified form here to make using the texts for Natural Language Processing (NPL) easier.

The text files will be regularily updated from the source repositories.

Format of the texts

All markup, including page and line indicators are removed. The third line after title and date gives the source and revision number of the file, this can be used to recover such information and other metadata if this turns out to be necessary.

The texts show the following characteristics:

  • ”*” at the start of line indicator the start of a text section (mostly relevant to KR6 texts)
  • ”(” and “)” indicate start and end of intralinear insertsions, which usually constitute a separate text flow out of band with the main text.
  • All representations of non-representable characters have been replaced with ad-hoc character codes from the Unicode Private Use Area. A list of such representations as generated through the conversion process is in gaiji.txt. The purpose of this way of handling such characters is to make them distinguishable and make it possible to calculate characteristics. A program should not depend on the stability of these codepoints across updates to the files here.