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@@ -395,6 +395,22 @@ KICKED <count>\r\n
- <count> is an integer indicating the number of jobs actually kicked.
+The kick-job command is a variant of kick that operates with a single job
+identified by its job id. If the given job id exists and is in a buried or
+delayed state, it will be moved to the ready queue of the the same tube where it
+currently belongs. The syntax is:
+kick-job <id>\r\n
+ - <id> is the job id to kick.
+The response is one of:
+ - "NOT_FOUND\r\n" if the job does not exist or is not in a kickable state. This
+ can also happen upon internal errors.
+ - "KICKED\r\n" when the operation succeeded.
The stats-job command gives statistical information about the specified job if
it exists. Its form is:

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