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Document `touch` commands time #188

JensRantil opened this Issue · 5 comments

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The API documentation states that

The "touch" command allows a worker to request more time to work on a job.

However, it does not state how much more time the client is given. How long is it?


The stats-job command gives statistical information about the specified job if
it exists. Its form is:

stats-job <id>\r\n

 - "time-left" is the number of seconds left until the server puts this job
   into the ready queue. This number is only meaningful if the job is
   reserved or delayed. If the job is reserved and this amount of time
   elapses before its state changes, it is considered to have timed out.

It has been documented. It's not enough for you? :)
Or may be it's not what you want?

kr commented

Confirmed, this is an oversight in the protocol doc.
The touch command should say what it actually does.


It has been documented. It's not enough for you? :)

Nope. :) Because I don't consider touch to change the state of a job.

@kr kr pushed a commit that closed this issue
@JensRantil JensRantil Document `touch` command's TTR reset
This fixes #188.
@kr kr closed this in 157d88b
kr commented

Thanks for the fix!

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