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kr commented Sep 14, 2010

Giving beanstalkd -b -l should produce a warning message:

Warning: "-l" looks like an option flag, but it will be interpreted as a path name by -b.

This is in addition to the error message we already print ("unknown option:").

kr commented Sep 14, 2010

Any other common pitfalls we should check for?


@kr Your usecase isn't valid anymore:

$ ./beanstalkd -b -l                                                                                                        [18:17:01]
./beanstalkd: unknown argument:
Use: ./beanstalkd [OPTIONS]

 -b DIR   write-ahead log directory
 -f MS    fsync at most once every MS milliseconds (use -f0 for "always fsync")
 -F       never fsync (default)
 -l ADDR  listen on address (default is
 -p PORT  listen on port (default is 11300)
 -u USER  become user and group
 -z BYTES set the maximum job size in bytes (default is 65535)
 -s BYTES set the size of each write-ahead log file (default is 10485760)
            (will be rounded up to a multiple of 512 bytes)
 -c       compact the binlog (default)
 -n       do not compact the binlog
 -v       show version information
 -V       increase verbosity
 -h       show this help

I suggest this can be closed unless you come up with another case.

kr commented Apr 9, 2016

This bug isn't about any particular command-line error, that was just an example.

However, it's been a few years and I haven't had any reports of folks getting tripped up over these sorts of things, so it doesn't seem to be necessary.

@kr kr closed this Apr 9, 2016
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