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Various `` improvements #191

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JensRantil added some commits Jun 28, 2013
@JensRantil JensRantil Stick to 80 chars width
Increases readability for people with smaller screens. Additional info:

 * I've deliberately left the tables untouched for now.
 * No content has been changed.
@JensRantil JensRantil Fix incorrect header hierarchy
The header is now in correct relation to its sibling header.
@JensRantil JensRantil Escape HTML-interpreted parameter eea7a23
@JensRantil JensRantil referenced this pull request Jun 28, 2013

Document "drain mode" #192


Any input on this?

@kr kr added a commit that closed this pull request Apr 4, 2016
@kr remove markdown version of protocol.txt
It's completely redundant, and the benefit in
readability (if there is any) isn't worth the effort
keeping them in sync.

The Chinese tranlation is not redundant, so we should
keep it. But still, note that it's not authoritative.
Where protocol.txt and disagree,
protocol.txt is correct.

Fixes #308
Fixes #191
@kr kr closed this in a0470f2 Apr 4, 2016
@sergeyklay sergeyklay added a commit to phalcongelist/beanspeak that referenced this pull request Apr 4, 2016
@sergeyklay sergeyklay Updated link to the protocol [ci skip] 5ecc317
@sergeyklay sergeyklay referenced this pull request in phalcongelist/beanspeak Apr 4, 2016

Updated link to the protocol [ci skip] #31

@JensRantil JensRantil deleted the JensRantil:protocol-md-fixes branch Apr 4, 2016
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