v1.6: This is beanstalkd version 1.6, a bugfix release.

@kr kr tagged this May 10, 2012 · 88 commits to master since this tag

As always, there will be no incompatible protocol changes until version 2.0.
A client written for version 1.6 will work unmodified with any later 1.x
release of beanstalkd.


- line-buffered stdout, even when not on a tty; closes #116
- remove obsolete startup method; closes #100
- wake up waiting clients when unpausing a tube; fixes #113
- fix build on FreeBSD 9; closes #111
- fix build and tests on clang; closes #110
- better flag parsing (with tests)
- binlog: better warning message when open fails
- support for better tar compatibility; closes #93
- fix cpu use on freebsd and darwin; closes #96
- fix compile error on linux with kernel 2.6.18
- update outdated usage text

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