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generate multibyte UTF-8 instead of "\uXXXX" escape codes #4

kr opened this Issue February 22, 2012 · 3 comments

2 participants

Keith Rarick Diego Plentz
Keith Rarick
kr commented February 22, 2012

Seems like the \uXXXX codes are designed for the benefit of human authors.
We'll generate smaller files if we write UTF-8 directly.

Keith Rarick kr referenced this issue in intridea/multi_json February 22, 2012

encoding issues with jruby #25

Diego Plentz

awesome :)

Diego Plentz

well, after a half hour trying to figure out what we need to change, I realized that's harder to understand the source then I thought :(

Keith Rarick
kr commented March 26, 2012

I'll fix it. The change needs to happen in strenc, which is
responsible for encoding strings.

Keith Rarick kr closed this in d2ccd39 March 27, 2012
Diego Plentz plentz referenced this issue from a commit in tautt/jruby_report May 10, 2012
Diego Plentz removing this test since it's fixed by kr/okjson#4 2464227
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