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Leaflet.dbpediaLayer is a easy to use plugin for adding a layer with POIs from Wikipedia. It does so by querying the SPARQL endpoint at DBpedia.


Check out the demo.


var lay = L.dbpediaLayer({lang: 'de', includeCities: false}).addTo(map);


Option Type Default Description
lang String en the language used in the query (NB: english has by far the most results).
includeCities Boolean false Whether resources of type PopulatedPlace are included in the results.
use_https Boolean true access DBpedia via https
displayThumbnail Boolean true Whether to display a thumbnail in the popup.
displayPosition Boolean true see above
displayTypes Boolean true see above
displayAbstract Boolean true see above
displayLink Boolean true see above
displayMarkerLabel Boolean true Whether to display marker labels (needs Leaflet.Label plugin).
loaderGif String see src URL of the loader displayed during DBpedia-queries. The default is an internal base64 encoded gif.
icon Object see src specify a custom icon, takes same attributes as Leaflet.Icon

###Recommendations DBpedia's SPARQL-endpoint serves all geo-localized resources present in Wikipedia (currently ~300.000). Queries over a vast territory tend to be somewhat slow.
In order to assure good usability and snappy results we recommend setting a minZoom restriction (8 - 10, depending on the area).


See LICENSE file in the project root.


Leaflet.dbpediaLayer is a Leaflet plugin adding a layer with POIs from DBpedia.




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