openFrameworks add-on or using the Chalkboard Electronics 10 inch touchscreen.
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openFrameworks addon for making use of the Chalkboard Electronics 10 inch touchscreen on the Raspberry Pi. This is a quick hack of the ofAppEGLWindow class and can be improved in many ways. For now I just needed the mousePressed funcion to detect touches. I know that a better way could be to implement the whole range of touch events, I'll leave it for later.

This screen supports multi-touch input, but to use that, one has to add some extra code to ofAppEGLWindow. Later.


Clone this repository to the addons directory of your openFrameworks installation:

cd /home/pi/openFrameworks/addons
git clone

To launch the example, navigate to the example directory and compile:

cd /home/pi/openFrameworks/addons/ofxPiChalkElecTouch10/example
make && make run

To use the addon, you have to pass custom window to the ofSetupOpenGL function in the main.cpp file.

ofPtr<ofAppBaseWindow> window = ofPtr<ofAppBaseWindow>(new ofxAppEGLWindow());

Everything else in your app should be done the same way as before.




Works with oF 0.8.0, 0.8.1.

Known issues

I think it is possible that the touch input device can be mapped to something different than /dev/input/event1. This addon uses just that. Other available input devices under /dev/input did not work and I was not sure how to improve the searching algorithm neither.

Version history

Version 0.1 (Date):

Very quick and dirty implementation of mousePressed, mouseReleased and mouseDragged events. It should be transformed into touchDown, touchUp and touchDrag.