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Michael Hoisie hoisie

Google, Inc San Francisco, CA

Erik Schultink eschultink

Founder @Worklytics, ex-CTO @Tuenti

Worklytics, Co New York, NY

Leah Culver leah

Dropbox San Francisco, CA

Kristján Pétursson kristjan

Apartment List San Francisco, CA

Brian Lopez brianmario

Engineering manager at GitHub, but also a drummer.

GitHub San Francisco, Ca

Brad Fitzpatrick bradfitz

I work on @golang at @google. My side project is @camlistore.

Google Seattle / San Francisco

Mark McGranaghan mmcgrana

Stripe San Francisco, CA

Brad Fults h3h

Startups in the past, medium-sized companies now. Elegant, developer-friendly languages and code. Interfaces are everything.

Under Armour Austin, Texas