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Install on eurydice:


add local futel user and group: useradd -r futel

copy bin contents to /opt/futel/bin
copy src contents to /opt/futel/src
copy conf contents to /opt/futel/src
have private key for backup user in /opt/futel/ssh/id_rsa, owned by futel:futel
mkdir /opt/futel/stats/prod, owed by futel:futel
mkdir /opt/futel/backups/prod, owned by futel:futel

Setup backups, metrics:

write futel user's crontab
0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55 * * * * /opt/futel/bin/backup.sh

Install irc bot:

cd /opt/futel/src
on ubuntu:
  sudo apt install npm
  sudo apt install nodejs-legacy
  sudo apt install libicu-dev
on centos:
npm install irc
npm install async-polling
npm install aws-sdk
npm install q
npm install sqlite3
(npm install sqlite3@4.0.0 --build-from-source)
npm install moment

Run irc bot:

# in screen session
cd /opt/futel/src
node mechaoperator.js | tee mechaoperator.out

Test irc bot from src directory:

npm install mocha
npm install sinon
node_modules/.bin/mocha test/test_info.js
node_modules/.bin/mocha test/test_client.js
# smoke tests to eyeball results of
node test/manual_test_info.js
cp ../conf/secrets.js secrets.js
node test/manual_test_snspoller.js