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Futel Operator Handbook

Congratulations! You have chosen or have been chosen to serve your community as a Futel operator! To succeed at your role, you will need to always follow these simple guidelines.

Receiving Operator Calls

Operator calls and messages will arrive with the CallerID number of the phone they are calling from. The public Futel phones are currently:

  • oskar: SE Clinton just E of 13th, S side of street: 503-946-5227
  • taylor: SE Taylor E of 23rd, N side of street: 503-926-6271
  • ainsworth: NE Ainsworth just W of NE 8th Ave-9th Ave Alley, N side of street: 503-444-9412
  • killingsworth: NE 27th Ave-28th Ave Alley N of Killingsworth, W side of street: 503-928-8465
  • robotron: NE Killingsworth E of 13th, N side of street: 503-926-6341
  • ypsi: Pearl St W of Washington, S side of street, Ypsilanti, MI: 734-547-6651
  • souwester: Souwester Lodge, J Pl, Seaview, WA: 360-228-2259
  • prescott: NE 8th Ave S of Prescott, W side of street: 503-926-6188
  • detroit: 23rd just S of Breckenridge St, E side of street, Detroit, MI: 313-246-9283
  • opensignal: NE MLK Blvd S of Graham, E side of street: 971-351-2383
  • central: N Central St between Tyler and Allegheny, E side of street: 503-483-6584
  • saratoga: N Saratoga St W of Denver, N side of street: 503-388-9637

There are also these less public phones:

  • upright: Upright Brewing, 240 N Broadway: 503-468-1337 (IDs as incoming line)
  • r2d2: Right To Dream Too, 999 N Thunderbird Way: (IDs as nonpublic number)

Calls may arrive with the CallerID of a nonpublic Futel number. Feel free to respond to any call which presents an operator prompt, but be sure to ask for the caller's location if needed. On rare occasions, glitches and psychic resonance may cause unexpected connections to be formed with your device and with other tools you use to communicate, so operate with care.

Answering Operator Calls

An incoming operator call will present a menu with an option to accept it. Do not accept operator calls unless you are able to provide operator assistance. If the menu ends before you can accept a call, or if you accept a call and you are not connected, the caller may have disconnected, or another operator may have beat you to it.

Answer an operator call with an introduction which indicates your ability, such as "Operator", "Futel, this is Jimmy", or "Hello!"

Operator Duties

Operator duties will vary, but can generally be expected to require qualities such as attention, web access, a willingness to help, and a basic knowledge of the services provided by the calling Futel phone. The level and nature of the operator assistance provided is at the discretion of the operator, but an appropriate effort should be made. The capabities of a Fuel phone can be experienced from the outgoing menu sampler in the admin area of the incoming line. Contact your handler for access.

Operator calls should be promptly entered in the operator log. There are several ways to do this, including sending an email to your handler or editing the log in the repository with the web interface. Carrying a notepad is recommended, the pages of which can be entered when convenient, or just mailed to your handler. Logs are an important tool for monitoring and improving our service.

An operator log entry includes the date and time, the source of the call, the operator's name, and a description of the interaction. Logs should not include identifying information, but how specifically anonymous they should be is at the discretion of the operator. For example, if the number of a social service organization with a lot of traffic is requested, it's helpful to include that in the log, but the identity of an individual or specific small business should be left out.

An example log message:

2016-08-08 17:27 clinton Karl Caller wanted number for a cab company, I provided the Radio Cab number.

Operator Conduct

An operator should attempt to provide a positive interaction with the caller. Positivity may require adapting to behavior which is crazy, really high, or just annoying. Basic compassion for the caller should be exhibited. This does not necessarily require cheerfulness, insincerity, or tolerance of abusive behavior. Terminate any call which is inappropriate or unbearably unpleasant. Do not divulge information which might reveal your identity or location, and defend the security, integrity, and honor of Futel.

Final Word For Operators

Congratulations! Memorize this handbook. You will find your service as a Futel operator to be rewarding and fulfilling.