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A reworking of the ambience template originally provided by Jolla for SailfishOS. The original was distributed in the Other Half Development Kit (, but doesn't build out of the box and is a little unclear. This repository contains that code, cleaned up and buildable. History of the transformation from that to this are included in this git repository.



First, git clone the repo. Launch the SDK, open the .pro file and configure the project. The project should build out-of-the-box but that will leave you with an RPM named harbour-ambience-template-0.1.0-0.1.noarch.rpm, empty sounds and an ugly wallpaper. The personalisation steps involve:

  • Changing harbour-ambience-template to harbour-ambience-yourcoolambiencename everywhere
  • Adding your own wallpaper
  • Adding and/or configuring your own sounds
  • Correcting the RPM .spec file for your name, email address, description etc.


  • See the original README.Jolla for specifics on ambience behaviour
  • Tested against the SDK, needs testing on OBS/Chum
  • The translation skeleton is there but is completely untested
  • I chose to rename the package/files generated to harbour-ambience-template as they were initially confusing, to be broadly in line with harbour submission guidelines and to try to impose a little structure as currently there is none. You can in principle name them anything.

Ambiences and the Harbour

Currently the feasibility of accepting Ambiences to the Harbour and the Store is under investigation by Jolla. Hopefully that investigation will have a positive outcome but for the time being, ambiences based upon this template fail Harbour Validation with the following technical issues:

  • Requires: ambienced is forbidden
  • %post scripts are forbidden
  • Packages that do not contain an ELF executable are forbidden

The first is trivial (if ugly) to remedy, the second is required for a good user experience (i.e not requiring the user to reboot their device) but the last is a blocker.


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