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Dooit ✔️

A todo manager that you didn't ask for, but needed !
to make sure that you complete your tasks on time ;)

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Installation 🔨

Dooit can be installed with either Pip or Homebrew.

With Pip 🐍

You can install dooit easily using a python one-liner:

python3 -m pip install git+

Or the long way:

git clone
cd dooit
pip3 install .

With AUR helper 📦

yay -S dooit-git

With Homebrew 🍻

You can install the latest stable version of dooit with Homebrew:

brew install dooit

Alternatively, you can install the most recent development version of dooit:

brew install dooit --HEAD

Additional Notes 📝

Simply type dooit in your terminal to launch it. ezy pzy.

⚠️ Note: The config file for dooit is located at your $XDG_CONFIG_HOME (or ~/.config/dooit)

⚠️ Note: The default icons used in the application are a part of nerd fonts
              and can be customised by changing the config file

⚠️ Note: you must use python version >=3.10

Features 🌟

Some features that dooit comes with:

  • An interactive & beautiful UI
  • Configurable icons and themes
  • Both Mouse and Keyboard support (Vim like keybindings)
  • Topicwise seperated Todo Lists (With branching)
  • Editable Todo's about, date and urgency
  • Nested todos!
  • Sort options with menu (Name, Date, Urgency, Status)
  • Search & jump-to-todo mode on the fly!

See Demo Video below in order to get a visual :)

Demo 🎥


Contribution 🤝

  • Want to contribute? Feel free to open a PR! 😸
  • Got some ideas for improvements? I'm all ears! 👂

Other TUI projects 🤓 :

If you liked dooit then you might wanna try out some of my other TUI projects as well

  • termtyper - A typing-test app for terminal
  • gupshup - A localhost TUI chat client