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1 parent 6bfb77b commit 1f8a46a73657de8e96d153093f1efba01d9a7f6e @kracekumar committed Jul 8, 2012
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@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ def main():
app.args.add_argument('username', metavar="USERNAME", help="Pass username of coderwall profile to look for")
app.args.add_argument('-badges', '--badges', action="store_true", help="Display badges")
- app.args.add_argument('-endorsements', '--endorsements', action="store_true", help="List all Endorsments ")
+ app.args.add_argument('-endorsements', '--endorsements', action="store_true", help="Display Endorsement value")
app.args.add_argument('-accounts', '--accounts', action="store_true", help="List all accounts")
app.args.add_argument('-location', '--location', action="store_true", help="Display location")
app.args.add_argument('-team', '--team', action="store_true", help="List all Teams user is associated with")

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