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Fan made site for greatest batsmen ever played in universe. Complete real time tweet update about sachin.
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README.rst - Fan made site for greatest batsmen Sachin Tendulkar


  1. Program connects to twitter( and fetches twitter live stream data about Sachin Tendulkar and broadcasts using pyzmq.
  2. Program which receives all tweets about Sachin Tendulkar( and stores the tweets to mongodb.
  3. Web App(Flask) serves url .


  1. pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. cp in project root directory
  3. Open the and enter username and password.
  4. cd sachintweets && cp config.sample
  5. Open add mongodb connection params
  6. cd .. back to project root directory
  7. nohup python >> check_process.out &&
  8. Above command will start and
  9. It advised to make point 7 as scheduled task.
  10. to server automation.
  11. few log files and output files will be created at run time.
  12. fab start_server to start the web server or python from project root directory



Contact me

Twitter @kracetheking -.

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