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This directory contains list of all code samples for SimpleURL.
-It is assumed you have installed mongrel2 and brubeck.
+It is assumed you have installed `mongrel2` and `brubeck`.
+``kracekumar@python-lover:~/Dropbox/codes/python/python/simpleurl/demos$ m2sh load -config mongrel2.conf -db the.db``
+``kracekumar@python-lover:~/Dropbox/codes/python/python/simpleurl/demos$ m2sh start -db the.db -host localhost``
+``kracekumar@python-lover:~/Dropbox/codes/python/python/simpleurl/demos$ ./``
-kracekumar@python-lover:~/Dropbox/codes/python/python/simpleurl/demos$ m2sh load -config mongrel2.conf -db the.db
-kracekumar@python-lover:~/Dropbox/codes/python/python/simpleurl/demos$ m2sh start -db the.db -host localhost
-kracekumar@python-lover:~/Dropbox/codes/python/python/simpleurl/demos$ ./
Try out all url in ``
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