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Capistrano integration for Kraftwagen based Drupal projects.

This brings single command, secure (SSH), multi-target deployments to Drupal projects. Capistrano is written in the Ruby programming language, but it has proven itself in the realm of PHP with projects like Capifony (Capistrano for Symfony), capistrano-drupal and WordPress Capistrano Deploy.

Since Capistrano is so widely used, it has clearly proven to be a reliable method of automating deployments.


Capistrano is "opinionated software", it has very firm ideas about how things ought to be done, and is not very flexible in that regard. Some of the assumptions behind these opinions are:

  • You use SSH to access the remote servers (so no native FTP support).
  • You either have (1) the same password to all target machines, or (2) public keys in place to allow passwordless access (preferred).

If you cannot live with these assumptions, Capistrano is likely not the right tool for you.


Simple, but assumes you have Ruby version 1.8.7+, and the gems command available:

gem install capwagen

Adding Capwagen to your project

cd /path/to/project/src
capwagen .

Now change ./cap/deploy.rb to fit your configuration.

Running a deployment

As easy as:

cd /path/top/project/src
cap deploy