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I've developed a Panopoly-based skeleton following the instructions for Panopoly-based distributions and tweaking the Basic theme to be a child of Kalatheme bootstrap-based base-theme.

Of course, I don't expect such an opinionated skeleton to become the default skeleton for Kraftwagen, but I think it would get more attention if it was hosted together, as a branch of the kraftwagen/skeleton repo. When drush kw-np asks about the branch, it just feels natural to give it the original repo and just pick the panopoly branch.


Well, first of all, I like the idea of having multiple branches for different skeletons. I'm going to take a look at this and if it looks good (and I absolutely assume it will), then I will create a branch for it, as an example of how to create your own opinionated skeleton.

Secondly I think it is good to mention that we are currently working hard to create a Drush extension that allows scaffolding. The idea is that we at some time will migrate kw-np to a scaffolding based structure. That is however a long term goal, and until then, having this extra skeleton is great.


Merged into the branch panopoly. Will update the docs to mention the existance of this branch.

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