Use JSON files as if they are python modules
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Have you ever been kept awake at night, desperately feeling a burning desire to do nothing else but directly import JSON files as if they were python modules [1]? Now you can!

This abomination allows you to write

import some_json_file

and if some_json_file.json can be found, it will be available as if it is a python module.


Slap a json file somewhere on your python path. tester.json:

    "hello": "world",
    "this": {
        "can": {
            "be": "nested"

Now import jsonsempai and your json file!

>>> from jsonsempai import magic
>>> import tester
>>> tester
<module 'tester' from 'tester.json'>
>>> tester.hello

Alternatively, a context manager may be used (100% less magic):

>>> import jsonsempai
>>> with jsonsempai.imports():
...     import tester
>>> tester
<module 'tester' from 'tester.json'>

Python packages are also supported:

$ tree
└── python_package
    ├── file.json
    └── nested_package
        └── second.json
>>> from jsonsempai import magic
>>> from python_package import file
>>> file
<module 'python_package.file' from 'python_package/file.json'>
>>> import python_package.nested_package.second
>>> python_package.nested_package.second
<module 'python_package.nested_package.second' from 'python_package/nested_package/second.json'>


Install from pip:

$ pip install json-sempai

or clone this repo and install from source:

$ python install

To purge this horror from your machine:

$ pip uninstall json-sempai
[1]Disclaimer: Only do this if you hate yourself and the rest of the world.