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When using SQL::Abstract with multiple tables, it is sometimes necessary to disambiguate columns:

$pg->db->select(['foo', 'bar'], [''], {'', => {-ident => ''}});

If SQL::Abstract does not have a name_sep specified, it will attempt to quote the entire table-field name as "" and "" rather than "foo"."id" and "bar"."id", producing an error such as:

DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  column "" does not exist
LINE 1: SELECT "" FROM "foo", "bar" WHERE ( "" = "
               ^ at lib/ line 50.

The workaround is to create the Mojo::Pg instance with:

    $pg = Mojo::Pg
      ->abstract(SQL::Abstract->new(quote_char => '"', name_sep => '.'))

However, since the name_sep and quote_char values are intrinsic to Postgres, it makes sense for these to be the setting on the default SQL::Abstract object.

@kraih kraih closed this in 0bfd3e7 Feb 18, 2017
kraih commented Feb 18, 2017

Thank you, applied with tests and documentation.

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