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'Allow' header #371

mdylanbell opened this Issue · 4 comments

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It would be nice if either Mojo::Header had an 'allow' method for setting the 'Allow' header, or even better if Mojo would automatically handle OPTION requests, setting the 'Allow' header with information about defined methods for a given URI.


Mojo::Headers methods are only for commonly used headers, which Allow is currently not. And i'm afraid i don't see automatic OPTIONS handling fit into the router, perhaps you should start with a plugin and a few custom shortcuts.

@kraih kraih closed this

If you know any public web services and/or frameworks that use Allow and OPTIONS effectively, i would be quite interested in studying them though.


The automatic handling of OPTION requests is a perfect candidate for a plugin; wouldn't want it to be default at all.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into your plugin architecture.

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