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Workaround for morbo (MSWin + threads related) #384

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kmx Sebastian Riedel Marcus Ramberg


I was investigating why morbo's autoreloading feature is crashing on MS Windows.

It turns out that there are 2 pieces used by Mojo that do not play well with threads (you probably know that fork() which is used by morbo is emulated via threads on MS Windows).

1/ Mojo::Reactor::EV seems to have troubles when used with perl's threads

2/ IO::Socket::SSL is basically thread safe providing that it is loaded in the main thread - I have created an RT for this issue

The patch in this pull request tries to deal with those 2 issues.

I know that it is a hack and that proper fix should be made in other modules outside Mojo. On the other hand providing that morbo is "only" development server I hope you will not reject it.


Sebastian Riedel

-1 from me, historically all Windows specific behavior has always turned out to be a total nightmare to maintain for us. This should really be fixed in EV and IO::Socket::SSL. Windows users who have those modules installed can already use the MOJO_NO_TLS=1 and MOJO_REACTOR=Mojo::Reactor::Poll environment variables as a workaround.

Marcus Ramberg
Sebastian Riedel kraih closed this
Sebastian Riedel

For future reference, we've discussed this a bit further on IRC, and it turns out that only EV is currently not thread-safe. So Windows users who have EV installed and want to use Morbo, only need to set the MOJO_REACTOR=Mojo::Reactor::Poll environment variable.

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Sep 17, 2012
workaround for avoiding morbo crashes on MS Windows 1aa37fc
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  1. 7  script/morbo
7  script/morbo
@@ -37,6 +37,13 @@ These options are available:
37 37
                                  working directory.
38 38
39 39
+if ($^O eq 'MSWin32') {
+  # morbo uses fork() which is on MS Windows emulated via threads
+  # however some pieces used by Mojo are not completely thread-safe
+  $ENV{MOJO_REACTOR} = 'Mojo::Reactor::Poll'; # avoid using Mojo::Reactor::EV
+  $ENV{MOJO_NO_TLS} or require IO::Socket::SSL; # workaround for RT #79685
40 47
 $ENV{MOJO_LISTEN} = join(',', @listen) if @listen;
41 48
 require Mojo::Server::Morbo;
42 49
 my $morbo = Mojo::Server::Morbo->new;

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