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Contribution to the project

Contributions are an important part to every Open Source project. In order to take part of the development of the Mojolicious framework you should fork the original repository on github.

Working with github

As Mojolicious is a young framework things are changing rapidly. Here is a small workflow which will help you to follow the development of mojo.

Basically, that's it - now you have a fresh copy of the repository. You should add the upstream repository to your git repository. This will make merges from the original Mojolicious repository much easier. There is a small section about this inside the github help (

Here is a basic workflow:

  • Hack some code on your master branch

  • Commit your changes locally git commit -a

  • Combine multiple commits into one if needed git rebase

  • Push your local changes to the github repo git push origin master

  • Send a pull request to the project (button labeled "Pull Request")

After they've pulled the changes you should rebase your repository. This will layer your changes on top of the upstream changes.

  • Fetch the kraih/mojo aka upstream git fetch upstream

  • Rebase your master branch to upstream git rebase upstream/master

  • Resolve any conflicts

  • Update your copy of the github repo git push -f origin master

This cycle will continue to run forever :)

Please note: it's very helpful for the project owner to see pull request with only few commits in them. You should use the rebase command to combine several commits of yourself into a single one before sending a pull request.