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@cpanxaoc cpanxaoc The "Perl tutorial site" has been closed by it's author; removed section and link 90e4906
@s1037989 s1037989 Add DigitalOcean as a Cloud Service 7e4ae99
@s1037989 s1037989 Add note about auto-starting Mojolicious apps 2a69953
@s1037989 s1037989 dotCloud page is currently 404 9d9d732
@s1037989 s1037989 Update Tutorial link e914db5
@kwakwaversal kwakwaversal Fixing FAQ anchors. 397a1ea
@kraih kraih Updated Home (markdown) a4388bf
@iakuf iakuf add chiness documentation translation 263e30d
@kraih kraih Updated Home (markdown) c07fa11
@kanatohodets kanatohodets Add a link to 'tuning servers for high concurrency workloads' under the 'deployment' heading. f1b1b07
@marcusramberg marcusramberg Updated Home (markdown) 834a147
@kraih kraih Updated Home (markdown) 81a2eb8
@kraih kraih Updated Home (markdown) 206f0a4
@s1037989 s1037989 Updated Home (markdown) e7e1a07
@s1037989 s1037989 Updated Home (markdown) 1256ed0
@s1037989 s1037989 Updated Home (markdown) d71c8ef
@s1037989 s1037989 Updated Home (markdown) da71d57
@s1037989 s1037989 Updated Home (markdown) 348c0f9
@s1037989 s1037989 Updated Home (markdown) 7fc1455
@kraih kraih Updated Home (markdown) 66bdf7d
@kraih kraih Updated Home (markdown) fb2c5b2
@kraih kraih Updated Home (markdown) 3e9b892
@kraih kraih Updated Home (markdown) bfb2c42
@kraih kraih Updated Home (markdown) c420abe
@yuki-kimoto yuki-kimoto add link to Perl tutorial site a320de4
@yuki-kimoto yuki-kimoto add use Mojolicious on Perl 5.8 5349842
@kberov kberov Updated Home (markdown) b78328b
@yuki-kimoto yuki-kimoto added "Installation of CPAN modules by cpanm and cpanfile" link 0cf0fe2
@kraih kraih Updated Home (markdown) ac57531
@benmonty benmonty fixed dead link and reworded the contribution paragraph 0ac6fb7
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