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Quick Start

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Mojolicious Quick Starter

This is what helped me to get started with mojo, perhaps it helps you, too. ;-) First of all, you need to install Mojolicious (which also installs Mojo)

Test that you can run and access a Mojolicious app (runs the default HelloWorld app on port 3000):

  $ mojo daemon

Easily start your new Mojolicious project:

  $ mojo generate help

gives you a list of options.

  $ mojo generate app

generates "my_app"

  $ mojo generate app HelloWorld

generates "hello_world"

You then find a directory structure with a preconfigured application.

The first thing you will need is to start your mojolicious application:

  $ script/[your_app]

where [your_app] is the name of your application.

  $ script/hello_world

in the example above.

Now follow the Guides on Github.

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