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This repository contains files to be used with the FreeBSD ports tree. The options are tuned towards producing lighter packages. They follow these general rules:

  • DOC option deselected
  • EXAMPLE option deselected
  • NLS option deselected
  • WAYLAND option deselected

In addition to those some more changes may apply to reduce dependencies. Since the primary goal is to build lighter packages for use on ARM64 (e.g. Pinebook), some options may be chosen to work around packages known to be broken on that platform.


Clone and put the contents of the "ports" directory into /var/db/ports then build your packages.

If you're looking for pre-built light-weight packages for ARM64, have a look here.


Feel free to request changes to ports options, add more of them for other ports or add additional ports to the build list file. Just fork this repository and create a pull request. Thanks!

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