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<title>Learn You The Ruby For Awesome Power</title>
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<meta content='2011-06-24 23:38:17 -0700' name='created' />
<meta content='Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene' name='author' />
<meta content='A Book On How To Program With The Ruby Language' name='description' />
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<h1>Learn You The Ruby For Awesome Power</h1>
<hr />
<h5>By Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene</h5>
<h2>Table Of Contents</h2>
<a href="/book/chapter/1/">Chapter One: Ruby</a>
<li>How This Book Works</li>
<li>What Is Programming?</li>
<li>What Is Ruby?</li>
<li>The Red Culture</li>
<li>Other Resources</li>
<a href="/book/chapter/2/">Chapter Two: Values</a>
<li>Task Zero: Install &amp; Setup</li>
<li>Task One: Text &amp; Output</li>
<li>Task Two: Comments &amp; Escapes</li>
<li>Task Three: Numbers, Lists &amp; Expressions</li>
<li>Task Four: Pairs, Interpolation &amp; Input</li>
<li><a href="/book/frequently-asked-questions/">Frequently Asked Questions</a></li>
<li><a href="/book/credits/">Credits</a></li>
<p>Copyright 2011 <a href="">Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene</a></p>
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