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(in-package #:vivace-graph-v2)
(defparameter *current-transaction* nil)
(defparameter *max-log-file-length* 10000000)
(defparameter *file-counter* 0)
(defun print-transaction (tx stream depth)
(declare (ignore depth))
(format stream "#<TX-~A>" (tx-id tx)))
(defstruct (transaction
(:print-function print-transaction)
(:conc-name tx-)
(:predicate transaction?))
(id (make-uuid))
(queue nil)
(rollback nil)
(mailbox (sb-concurrency:make-mailbox))
(thread (current-thread))
(store nil)
(locks nil))
(defun find-newest-snapshot (store)
(let ((snap nil)
(location (if (pathnamep (location store))
(namestring (location store))
(location store))))
(dolist (file (directory (make-pathname :directory location
:name :wild :type :wild)))
(when (and (pathname-match-p file "snap-*")
(or (null snap)
(> (file-write-date file) (file-write-date snap))))
(setq snap file)))
(if snap
(values snap (file-write-date snap))
(values nil nil))))
(defun find-transactions (store timestamp)
(let ((transaction-logs nil)
(location (if (pathnamep (location store))
(namestring (location store))
(location store))))
(format t "Looking for transactions to restore...~%")
(dolist (file (directory (make-pathname :directory location
:name :wild :type :wild)))
(when (and (pathname-match-p file "tx-*")
(or (null timestamp)
(and (numberp timestamp)
(> (file-write-date file) timestamp))))
(format t "Found transaction file ~A~%" file)
(push file transaction-logs)))
(sort transaction-logs
#'(lambda (x y)
(when (and (stringp x) (stringp y))
(let ((pieces-x (cl-ppcre:split "\-" (pathname-name x)))
(pieces-y (cl-ppcre:split "\-" (pathname-name y))))
(or (< (parse-integer (nth 1 pieces-x))
(parse-integer (nth 1 pieces-y)))
(and (= (parse-integer (nth 1 pieces-y))
(parse-integer (nth 1 pieces-x)))
(< (parse-integer (nth 2 pieces-x))
(parse-integer (nth 2 pieces-y))))))))
:key #'namestring)))
(defun replay-transactions (file &optional (store *store*))
(let ((*store* store))
(with-open-file (stream file :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(let ((magic-byte (read-byte stream nil :eof)))
(unless (= +transaction+ magic-byte)
(error 'transaction-error
:reason (format nil "~A is not a tx file!" file)))
(deserialize-action magic-byte stream)))))
(defun restore-triple-store (store)
(let ((*store* store))
(with-locked-index ((main-idx store))
(multiple-value-bind (snapshot-file timestamp)
(find-newest-snapshot store)
(when snapshot-file
(format t "Restoring from snapshot file ~A~%" snapshot-file)
(with-open-file (stream snapshot-file
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(do ((code (read-byte stream nil :eof)
(read-byte stream nil :eof)))
((or (eql code :eof) (null code) (= code 0)))
(deserialize code stream))))
(dolist (file (find-transactions store timestamp))
(format t "REPLAYING TX ~A~%" file)
(replay-transactions file))
(do-indexing store)
(defun snapshot (store)
(format nil "~A/snap-~A" (location store) (get-universal-time))
:direction :output
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)
:if-exists :overwrite
:if-does-not-exist :create)
(with-locked-index ((main-idx store))
(maphash #'(lambda (id triple)
(declare (ignore id))
(when (persistent? triple)
(logger :debug "serializing ~A: ~A"
(triple-id triple) triple)
(serialize triple stream)))
(gethash :id-idx (index-table (main-idx store)))))
(logger :debug "Recording null byte")
(write-byte 0 stream)
(force-output stream)))
(defun roll-logfile (store stream)
(when (and (streamp stream) (open-stream-p stream)) (close stream))
(open (format nil "~A/tx-~A" (location store) (get-universal-time))
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)
:direction :output
:if-exists :rename
:if-does-not-exist :create))
(defun set-dirty (store)
(with-open-file (stream (format nil "~A/.dirty" (location store))
:direction :output :if-exists :overwrite
:if-does-not-exist :create)
(format stream "~A" (gettimeofday))))
(defun set-clean (store)
(let ((file (format nil "~A/.dirty" (location store))))
(when (probe-file file)
(delete-file file))))
(defun clear-tx-log (store)
(dolist (file (directory
(make-pathname :directory (location store)
:name :wild :type :wild)))
(when (pathname-match-p file "tx-*")
(delete-file file))))
(defun clear-snapshots (store)
(dolist (file (directory
(make-pathname :directory (location store)
:name :wild :type :wild)))
(when (pathname-match-p file "snap-*")
(delete-file file))))
(defun dump-transaction (stream tx)
(when (and (transaction? tx) (tx-queue tx))
(logger :debug "Dumping tx ~A to ~A" tx stream)
(serialize-action :transaction stream tx)
(force-output stream)))
(defun record-tx (tx store)
(when (and (transaction? tx) (tx-queue tx))
(logger :debug "Recording tx ~A~%" (reverse (tx-queue tx)))
(with-open-file (stream
(format nil "~A/tx-~A-~A" (location store)
(get-universal-time) (incf *file-counter*))
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8) :direction :output
:if-exists :rename :if-does-not-exist :create)
(set-dirty store)
(dump-transaction stream tx))
(error (c)
(logger :err "Unhandled error in record-tx: ~A" c)))))
(defun stop-logger (store)
(sb-concurrency:send-message (log-mailbox store) :shutdown)
(join-thread (logger-thread store)))
(defun start-logger (store)
#'(lambda ()
(let ((mailbox (sb-concurrency:make-mailbox)) (*file-counter* 0)
(last-snapshot (gettimeofday)))
(setf (log-mailbox store) mailbox)
(let ((msg (sb-concurrency:receive-message mailbox)))
(logger :debug "tx-log thread received message ~A" msg)
(typecase msg
(transaction (record-tx msg store))
(case msg
(clear-tx-log store)
(clear-snapshots store)
(set-clean store)
(logger :debug "Processing all pending messages.")
(logger :debug "Processing message ~A" msg)
(when (transaction? msg)
(record-tx msg store)))
;;(logger :info "Snapshotting the store.")
;;(snapshot store)
;;(logger :info "Marking the store clean.")
;;(set-clean store)
(logger :info "Logger thread quitting.")
(return t))
(logger :info "Snapshot commencing")
(snapshot store)
(logger :debug "Snapshot complete. Set store CLEAN")
(set-clean store)
(logger :debug "Store set CLEAN")
(setq last-snapshot (gettimeofday))
(logger :info "Snapshot finished"))
(logger :info "Unknown msg to tx-log thread: ~A"
(error (condition)
(logger :err "Unhandled error in tx logger for ~A: ~A"
store condition))))))
:name (format nil "tx-log thread for ~A" store)))
(defun release-all-locks (tx)
(sb-ext:with-locked-hash-table ((locks *store*))
(dolist (pair (tx-locks tx))
(destructuring-bind (pattern-or-triple lock kind) pair
(declare (ignore lock))
(if (triple? pattern-or-triple)
(unlock-triple pattern-or-triple :kind kind)
(funcall #'unlock-pattern
(nth 0 pattern-or-triple)
(nth 1 pattern-or-triple)
(nth 2 pattern-or-triple)
(nth 3 pattern-or-triple)
:kind kind))))))
(defun enqueue-lock (pattern lock kind)
(push (list pattern lock kind) (tx-locks *current-transaction*)))
(defun rollback-tx (tx)
(dolist (fn (reverse (tx-rollback tx)))
(funcall fn)))
(defun execute-tx (store fn timeout max-tries retries)
(if (>= retries max-tries)
(error 'transaction-error
(format nil
"Unable to execute transaction. Too may retries (~A)."
(let ((*current-transaction* (make-transaction :store store)))
(logger :debug "~A execute-tx starting" *current-transaction*)
(sb-ext:with-timeout timeout
(funcall fn))
(sb-ext:timeout (condition)
(logger :debug "~A execute-tx timeout ~A"
*current-transaction* condition)
(rollback-tx *current-transaction*)
(release-all-locks *current-transaction*)
(execute-tx store fn timeout max-tries (1+ retries)))
(error (condition)
(logger :debug "~A execute-tx error ~A"
*current-transaction* condition)
(rollback-tx *current-transaction*)
(release-all-locks *current-transaction*)
(error 'transaction-error
(format nil "Unable to execute transaction: ~A"
(:no-error (result)
(logger :debug "~A execute-tx success (~A)"
*current-transaction* result)
(when (tx-queue *current-transaction*)
(log-mailbox store) *current-transaction*))
(release-all-locks *current-transaction*)
(defmacro with-graph-transaction ((store &key (timeout 10) (max-tries 10))
&body body)
;; body must be idempotent!
(with-gensyms (atomic-op)
`(let ((,atomic-op #'(lambda () ,@body)))
(cond ((and (transaction? *current-transaction*)
(equal (store-name (tx-store *current-transaction*))
(store-name ,store)))
(funcall ,atomic-op))
((transaction? *current-transaction*)
(error 'transaction-error
"Transactions cannot currently span multiple stores."))
(execute-tx ,store ,atomic-op ,timeout ,max-tries 0))))))