Kraken Demo Application - Distributed Chat
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Kraken Demo Application - Chat

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Note: This repository contains pre-configured distributed chat application based on Kraken Framework.


This repository demonstrates exemplary implementation of chat using HTTP and Websocket servers in PHP using Kraken Framework components.




  • PHP-5.5, PHP-5.6 or PHP-7.0+,
  • Pthreads extension enabled (only if you want to use threading),
  • UNIX or Windows OS.

Installation and Official Documentation

To install this application skeleton, please go to desired location to store project, then call composer:

composer create-project --prefer-dist kraken-php/demo-chat .

Documentation for the framework can be found in the official documentation page.

Starting Project

Basic Start

To start project, first run kraken.server instance.

$> php kraken.server

Then, check if connection is working in another terminal window:

$> php kraken server:ping

If everything works correctly, as final step run the application using:

$> php kraken project:create

After project has been created successfully, go to http://localhost:6080 address in your browser and you should be able to see and use examplary chat.

To close whole project, use:

$> php kraken project:destroy

If you have problems with configuring console-server connection, you can also try alternative start.

Alternative Start

To start project directly, without console support, use:

$> php ./data/autorun/kraken.process undefined HttpBroker HttpBroker

WARNING This method will be deprecated in upcoming ver 0.4.


This library is pre-configured project application for Kraken Framework. To make contributions, please go to framework repository.


Kraken Framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license. The documentation is provided under FDL-1.3 license.