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An expressjs plugin for handling DustJS view rendering. dustjs-helpers are included by default in this module.

var express = require('express');

var app = express();

var adaro = require('adaro');

var options = {
  helpers: [
    //NOTE: function has to take dust as an argument.
    //The following function defines @myHelper helper
    function (dust) { dust.helpers.myHelper = function (a, b, c, d) {} },
    '../my-custom-helpers',   //Relative path to your custom helpers works
    'dustjs-helpers',   //So do installed modules
      name: '../my-custom-helpers/helper-to-render-data-with-args',
      // or use this signature if you need to pass in additional args
      arguments: { "debug": true }

app.engine('dust', adaro.dust(options));
app.set('view engine', 'dust');

// For rendering precompiled templates:
// app.engine('js', adaro.js({ ... ));
// app.set('view engine', 'js');

Make sure that if you've app.set('views', somepath) that the path separators are correct for your operating system.


Config options can be used to specify dust helpers, enabled/disable caching, and custom file loading handlers.

helpers (optional) String Array, helper module names

A helper module must either:

  • Conform to the API established by [dustjs-helpers] ( provided by LinkedIn or
  • Export a function which accepts a single argument (being dust itself). Such files should generally be designed for use on both client and server.

Client and Server Compatible

function setupHelpers(dust) {

   // Add helpers


if (typeof exports !== 'undefined') {
    module.exports = setupHelpers;
} else {

Alternate API

module.exports = function (dust) {
    // Add helpers

cache (optional, defaults to true) Boolean

Set to true to enable dust template caching, or false to disable.

app.engine('dust', dustjs.dust({ cache: false }));
app.set('view engine', 'dust');

helpers (optional) An array of helper modules to require and use.

Expects helpers to be in the form of:

module.exports = function (dust, [options]) {
    dust.helpers.something = function (chunk, context, bodies, params) {

Breaking changes


  • Removed the layout: option to render and in configuration
  • Dust is our own private instance, not global. If you load helpers, you must do it in the configuration of adaro.
  • We outright require dust. We will not use your application's installed version.
  • Dust ~2.7.1 is required. Dust minors are breaking changes, so those affect users of this module too.
  • Paths passed to the engine that are filesystem absolute paths will be used as is, and not resolved against the view root.
  • dustjs-helpers is not loaded for you automatically. Add it to your helpers configuration if you want it. Make sure you use a version compatible with the dustjs-linkedin that adaro uses.


A Dust.js view renderer for express



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