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Makes it easy to set up the complementary dust @useContent and @message helpers, with configuration that loads data from kraken-js-style .properties bundles.

The content lookups are stored in the dust cache if it is enabled.

This module requires the full build of dust, with the compiler, since the @message helper compiles strings with dust.

@useContent and @message can be used in the browser, but will need to be configured with other ways to load content, such as using requirejs.


var dust = require('dustjs-linkedin');
require('dust-makara-helpers').registerWith(dust, {
    enableMetadata: true,
    autoloadTemplateContent: false,
    localeFromContext: function (ctx) {
      var locale;
      //anything special you want to do
      return locale;


  • enableMetadata: defaults to false. Turns on support for <edit> metadata tags in dust-message-helper to support in-place content editing.
  • autoloadTemplateContent: defaults to true. Allows you to disable automatic loading of content per template, allowing you to have a completely disjoint mapping between templates and content bundles, rather than a 1:1 mapping of template name to content bundle filename.
  • localeFromContext: Function. takes context as a parameter. Return a bcp47-style object or a locale string like en-US. Please see localeFromContext in this module's index.js file to see what you would be overriding.