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A simple application that manages users with passport and KrakenJS


In many cases you'll need to manage users in your application. Here's a simple application that will show you how to restrict access to certain parts of your application based on user authentication.

This example highlights the following things:

  • Using passport.js to handle user authentication.
  • Using a mongoose model to represent user data.
  • Using bcrypt to securely hash and salt user passwords before storing them in a database.
  • Storing credentials in a Mongo database.
  • Limiting access to certain parts of your application based on user roles.
  • Modifying elements of the user interface based on logged in/logged out user status.
  • Registering Kraken middleware via the JSON configuration files.



Clone, install and run.

git clone
cd kraken-example-with-passport
npm install
npm start

Explore the app

Visit http://localhost:8000

The site has a lovely kraken styling to it, with a tentacle reaching upwards towards the user interface elements.

There are four links: Home, Profile, Admin, Login.

Clicking on each, you will note that as a logged out user, you are only able to view the Home and Login screens. The other links will forward you to the Login screen with a message.

There are two users added to the user schema: "ash" with the password "ash" and "kraken" with the password "kraken". Ash has a role of 'user' while Kraken has a role of 'admin'.

Try logging in with each user and clicking around on the links again. Note that Ash can view the Profile page, but not the Admin page. Kraken can view all pages. Also note that when a user is logged in, the Login link changes to a Logout link.

Running the unit tests

  • Local mongod process must be running
  • Run grunt test from the base directory of the application


  • Document breaking down the changes
  • Document creating the users
  • Document configuring passport
  • Document configuring crypto


An example integrating kraken with passport authentication






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