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Kraknet Site System

Written by Mike Perron (krakissi) Copyright 2013


This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You can obtain one at


A stand alone web server (httpd) designed to serve CGI in an intuitive and convenient way.

Getting Started

Your first time building you should run / This will create the default web directory with an index.html if you don't already have one, and do a complete clean build of the server. It will also check to see if you have the required tools for building, and alert you if you're missing anything.

Compiling the server is accomplished by running make(1) in the src/ directory. This will generate a directory bin/ in the root of the project containing necessary binaries, as well as a lib/ directory with the shared objects. You will require the following packages for dependencies:

  • gcc
  • make

Once built, you can start the server with the included init script, called init_ws, located in the root of the project directory. You can configure which port the server will listen on by editing this script. You should also edit the user which the server runs as by modifying conf/serv. This file is self-explanatory.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to run on a port less than 1024 (e.g.: 80), you must run the init_ws script as root. It is strongly recommended that you set the web_root path to the absolute path of your krakws installation, and set web_user_name in conf/serv before running as root. If you want to start the server at system startup time, you should create a symlink to the init_ws script in /etc/init.d/, and then run update-rc.d.

# cd /etc/init.d/
# ln -s -T /home/me/kraknet/init_ws krakws
# update-rc.d krakws defaults

Read the Wiki for More Information

Included Files


This file is used to start and stop the server. It behaves like a System V init script. If this were a permanent set up, this script would be in /etc/init.d

Directories and what they mean:


Binaries for the server. Anything here will be available in the path of all CGI scripts. Be careful about what you put here.


Config files here.


    MIME type definitions. If a file isn't being served in the way you would like, you can change it here.


    Server configuration. Changes made here are live immediately without restarting the server. BE CAREFUL.


A suggested location for storing database files. The system's database files (SQLite3) will be available here, including kraknet.db which has user information.


Headers which are used to access features in libkraknet are placed here.


Place to store shared libraries. libkraknet will be build and placed in this directory. This directory is created by the build process.


Kraknet modules are stored here, with all of their scripts. Each module should have an info.txt file telling Kraknet how to map a request for a script to an actual file inside the module's directory.


Source code for the server and tightly integrated components.


This is the live web directory. Everything here is available on the internet in exactly the way it's laid out.