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binding.phpt Fix possible race condition in tests/binding.phpt as seen in #424 and #…
callstatic-etc.phpt Fix. missing ?>
chunk.phpt reorganize/rename class entries
class-defaults.phpt do not copy statics
closures-as-members.phpt fix 5.3 compat, broken by 3983040
complex-statics-set-null.phpt fix #271
complex-statics.phpt Thread::getCurrentThreadId (static) method
conditions.phpt condition test
constants.phpt bug #19 fix in testing
corrupted-resources.phpt reduce consumption (considerably) by reducing the number of copied cr…
counting-members.phpt reorganize/rename class entries
detach.phpt Added in support for pthread_detach
doc-comments.phpt add 5.3 to ci, change test so that it can pass in all versions
exception-handler.phpt fix #280 for sure this time ...
foreign-private-members.phpt test for bug #32
functions.phpt global lock memory now free'd when appropriate
global-constants.phpt global lock memory now free'd when appropriate
global-voodoo.phpt fix version
globals.phpt fix version
gone.phpt set tls of thread objects
graceful-fatalities.phpt test bug #63
included-files.phpt because .php keeps being deleted because .php keeps being deleted
ini.phpt bug #20 INI inheritance applied to child threads, in testing
interface.phpt start building up a decent set of test files
interfaces.phpt add test for #124
isset-empty-compat.phpt fixup 5.3
isset-unset.phpt reorganize/rename class entries
killed-info.phpt Fix #273 by fixing the test
legacy-ctor.phpt fix bug #336
magic-methods-get-set.phpt magic method support
magic-methods-isset-unset.phpt magic method support
merging-members.phpt reorganize/rename class entries
merging-range.phpt reorganize/rename class entries
mutex.phpt bug #19 fix in testing
norefs.phpt don't add references to stored objects ... testing for #304, very unf…
normal-reads.phpt new test
normalize-members.phpt reorganize/rename class entries
null-member-crash.phpt reorganize/rename class entries
objects-from-closures.phpt fix 5.3 compat, broken by 3983040
oomethods.phpt start building up a decent set of test files
pools-default.phpt use PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE where available (testing)
pools.phpt fix test fox 5.4
resource-keeping.phpt Add tests for 2468f16 and 3704fa9
runtime-inheritance.phpt fix test for <5.4 compat
selective-inheritance.phpt selective inheritance
shift-pop.phpt reorganize/rename class entries
shutdown-handler.phpt fix #204 for good this time
stack-by-reference-pass.phpt reorganize/rename class entries
stack-by-reference.phpt fix test for stability
stateful-fatalities.phpt in response to issues raised in #75 ::isTerminated
static-resolution.phpt fix #210
staticmethods.phpt improvements in preparation allow zend to manage the prepared entries
statics-thorn-in-other-side.phpt fix #271
statics.phpt some work on bug #32, corrections to tests
synchronization.phpt fixup wait in cond
thorn-in-side.phpt include bug no for future reference
thread.phpt improvements in preparation allow zend to manage the prepared entries
threaded-extend-abstract.phpt ...
trait-aliases.phpt fix version
unset-defaults.phpt return address for unset properties
wait.phpt wait test is wrong
waiting-timeouts.phpt fixup wait in cond
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