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This extension wraps libwkhtmltox for PHP 7.


Documentation can be found in the PHP Manual

Hello World (PDF)

use wkhtmltox\PDF\Converter as PDFConverter;
use wkhtmltox\PDF\Object as PDFObject;

$converter = new PDFConverter([
	"out" => "test.pdf"

$converter->add(new PDFObject(


Hello World (Image)

use wkhtmltox\Image\Converter as ImageConverter;

$converter = new ImageConverter(null, [
	"fmt" => "png",
	"in" => "",
	"out" => "test.png"



  • Warnings from libwkhtmltox raise ZE warnings
  • Errors from libwkhtmltox raise ZE exceptions (RuntimeException)
  • Settings are accessible read only as properties or dimensions after construction
  • It is not possible to change settings after object construction
  • Validation of the possible values for settings is not good