Mongo1 is an example CRUD webapp for MongoDB
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Mongo1 is an sample CRUD webapp created as a demo of MongoDB on the Openshift Flex platform.

Building on command line:
    #> mvn clean package

Creating eclipse project files
    #> mvn eclipse:eclipse

Openshift Flex demo instructions:
    1) Create a new cluster
        Refer to for instructions.

    2) Create a new application
        Name: mongo1
        Version: 1.0

    3) Select application components:
        Application type: Tomcat
        Application Server Version: Tomcat 6.0
        Language Version: JDK 6.0
        Database: MySQL Server
        Other Components: mongoDB-1.6.5

    4) On the Files tab upload sample application war file

    5) Configuration:
        a) MongoDB
            - Unselect config server replication
            - Select a replica set of size 1
            - Select minimum of 1 shard
            - Save your changes
        b) MySQL
            - Database initialization script: 
            - Add hibernate.cfg.xml to "Configuration file patterns"
            - Save your changes

    6) Deploy and then start your application

    7) Your application should be available at http://>cluster DNS</mongo1/msglist.jsp

    8) By default the application starts out using mysql and hibernate. To
       change it to use mongoDB you need to modify the
       bundle/mongo1.war.extracted/WEB-INF/classes/ under the files
       tab and (un)comment the appropriate line.

    * MongoDB:
    * Openshift Flex: