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Functionally grab properties of a date object
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Date Grab

Date grab provides a thin functional wrapper for getting Date object properties.


var grab = require('date-grab');
var countdown = new Date('July 1, 2015');

var year = grab('year')
  // year(countdown) === 2015

var date = grab('date')
  // date('December 22, 2015') === 22 

var utcHours = grab('hours', { utc: true })
  // utcHours(countdown) === 7(PST)

var monthYear = grab(['month', 'year'])
  // monthYear(countdown) === { month: 6, year: 2015 }

grab(property, options)

Date grab creates a function that gets date property, wraps standard Date object functions. property should be a String or String Array and config should be an Object.

More thorough documentation on Dates can be found at MDN, but here is a basic conversion chart.

grab date
grab('time')(date) date.getTime()
grab('timezone')(date) date.getTimezoneOffset()
grab('year')(date) date.getYear()
grab('month')(date) date.getMonth()
grab('date')(date) date.getDate()
grab('day')(date) date.getDay()
grab('hours')(date) date.getHours()
grab('minutes')(date) date.getMinutes()
grab('seconds')(date) date.getSeconds()
grab('milliseconds')(date) date.getMilliseconds()



Setting utc to true will use UTC instead of local date functions.

var now = new Date()
var utcHours = grab('hours', { utc: true })

utcHours(now) === now.getUTCHours() // true
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