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Subscribable message store.
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Message Bank

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Subscribable message bank.

MessageBank behaves subtly different than a standard message bus. Subscribing to a message type that has been dispatched previously the callback function will fire immediately.



Creates a new message bank instance with predefined options.

var bank = new MessageBank();


Alias for bank.setup(func)

var bank = new MessageBank({
  setup: function() { }  


Alias for bank.config()

var bank = new MessageBank({
  config: [{
    type: 'SUPER',
    transform: function(data, opts) { }


Calls callback function immediatly with MessageBank instance as function context. Inert function by default, provides entry point additional setup behavior not default to MessageBox

bank.setup(function() { });

###Bank().config(type:String, config:Object)

Also: Bank().config(config:Object) Bank().config(config:ObjectArray)

Method for configuring how dispatched data is handled for specific dispatch type. Currently only defines transform config option, but this is a good place to enter custom configuration to be used in a custom parse function.


By default transform config is called with data and options as arguments during the parse phase of a dispatch call.

bank.config('SUPER', {
  transform: function(data, opts) {
    data.duper = opts.isNonsense ? false : data.duper;
    return data;

###Bank().dispatch(type:String, data:Object, options:Object) Also: Bank().dispatch(dispatch:Object) Bank().dispatch(dispatch:ObjectArray)

Dispatches a payload of data to the MessageBank, any subscriptions matching the payload type will be called.

bank.dispatch('SUPER', { duper: true }, { isNonsense: true });

###Bank().subscribe(type:String, callback:Function, options:Object)

Subscribe to a specific type of dispatch payload, if previous payload exists callback will be called immediately. Subscribe returns an id that can used to unsubscribe later.

Subscribing to the * or ALL type will respond to all dispatches. Bank().subscribe(callback:Function, opts:Options) will do the same.

bank.subscribe('SUPER', function(data, opts) {
  console.log(data, opts);


By default subscriptions will be called immediately if a payload of that type exists, setting immediate:false will hold of on calling until the next dispatch.

bank.subscribe('SUPER', function(data, opts) {
  console.log(data, opts);
}, { immediate: false });


Unsubscribe from a dispatch type using subscription ID returned when defining a subscription.

var id = bank.subscribe('SUPER', function() {
  // run only once

###Bank().parse(type:String, data:Object, options:Object)

Internal function for manipulating dispatched data expecting a result of { data: {}, options: {} } By default parse runs any transform configs, but it can be overwriten for custom behavior.

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