kramdown-math-ritex uses ritex to convert math elements to MathML
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Important: This repo and gem are unmaintained! If you are interested in maintaining, please contact me at

kramdown math engine for conversion to MathML

This is a converter for kramdown that uses ritex to convert math formulas to MathML.

Note: Until kramdown version 2.0.0 this math engine was part of the kramdown distribution.


gem install kramdown-math-ritex


require 'kramdown'
require 'kramdown-math-ritex', math_engine: :ritex).to_html


To use Ritex, set the option math_engine to 'ritex' and make sure that Ritex is available. The Ritex library can be installed, e.g., via Rubygems by running gem install ritex.

Note that Ritex is released under the GNU GPL version 2 which means that when you use it in conjunction with kramdown and your application, your application will automatically also fall under the GNU GPL!

If this is a problem for you, consider using the itex2MML math engine instead!


Clone the git repository and you are good to go. You probably want to install rake so that you can use the provided rake tasks.


MIT - see the COPYING file.