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Erlang ⇔ QML bindings
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Erlang ⇔ QML bindings

This package is in a pre-alpha stage.


To try the eqml you'll need:

  • Erlang
  • Qt 5


Compile eqml and run erlang:


At the erlang prompt enter the following:


You should see a red window with a green square. Let's see how you can change QML properties from Erlang. Execute:

eqml:set(foo, color, "yellow").

Window color will change to yellow. Now let's check how you can subscribe to QML signals:

eqml:connect1(bar, clicked, hello).
receive A -> A end.

Erlang console will hang, waiting for message to come. Now click on green square. Erlang will print:


That's it. Let's check the final feature, QML function invocation from Erlang:

eqml:invoke(foo, scramble, "wtf").

QML will print to console:

md5("wtf") = aadce520e20c2899f4ced228a79a3083
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