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An entry to the one-key / one-switch comp on Retro Remakes.

By Jason Hutchens (


Okay, to get things working you need to install Ruby and RUDL. This works fine under Windows, and you can probably get things working on OSX or Linux if you know what you're doing.

Begin by installing Ruby via the one-click installer. Download it from:

Then install RUDL (which requires Ruby to be installed). Download it from:

After that, it should just be a matter of double-clicking "quantum.rbw" to run up the game.

If you have any issues, go get some tissues. Then send me an email.


Guide a laserbike (aka "light cycle") into podules to clear the levels.

Press SPACE to turn the Quantum Light Cycle 90 degrees.

In both directions.

At the same time.

That's the "Quantum" bit, innit?

If any of the potential pathways hit a podule, the laser trail is resolved into a single pathway.

If any of the potential pathways hit anything else, they disappear.

If all of the potential pathways disappear, it's game over, dude.

If you hit SPACE too many times, then ditto, dude.

How many times is too many? Well, each time you hit SPACE, your score on the current level goes down by one. If it hits zero, you're done for.

Luckily, your score starts at 8, so no worries.

It also gets increased by 3 when you hit a podule.

This level score is added to your total score when you clear a level.

Clear levels by collecting all the podules. Sweet!

If you "clock" the 8 levels, you return to the first level, but this time your starting score for a level is decreased by 2.

The score is displayed really lightly in the centre of the screen.

You can also see how many "turns" you have left in the bottom-right.

Have fun!

Oh, and press ESCAPE to quit.


  • jas.


An entry to the one-key / one-switch comp on Retro Remakes.




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