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Face recognition on live camera images.
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Face recognition on live camera images. Runs smoothly on NVIDIA Jetson Nano (camera image 25 frames/second, face recognition updated 2 times/second).

Demonstration of the tool in action

What can you use this for?

I use it for the Face recognition game: Letting people explore what parts of a face are important for a face recognition system by making them wear funny masks (see gif).

You can also adapt the code and use it for all other kinds of face recognition / live computer vision demos.


This project was inspired by Adam Geitgey’s fantastic tutorial Build a Hardware-based Face Recognition System for $150 with the Nvidia Jetson Nano and Python.

I have written a blogpost about my motivation for building the Face recognition game.

Compared to Adam Geitgey’s implementation, I added/changed a bunch of things (Reasons for these changes):

  • multi-process implementation to make everything run more smoothly
  • button press to add person to face database (rather than automatically adding them first time they look into the camera (which does not work all that well))
  • stars to visualise match quality


You can run this on a computer (with built-in camera or USB camera) and on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano with Rasperry Pi camera (hardware description).

Installation (on Jetson Nano)

TODO, for now, follow Adam Geitgey's installation instructions.


Installation (on normal computer)

Python >= 3.7

sudo apt-get install libopenblas-dev liblapack-dev 
pip install -r requirements.txt  


cp config.yaml.sample config.yaml

I want to use an internal or USB camera

In config.yaml, set source: camera and change the source_setting -> camera->location entry to the id of your camera. You can find the camera id by trial and error, try -1, 0, 1, etc till it works,

I want to use the Rasperry Pi camera on my jetson

In config.yaml, set source: camera_jetson.

I want to use a pre-recorded video

In config.yaml, set source: prerecorded and change the source_setting -> prerecorded->location entry to the file path of the video.

I want to configure all kinds of other things

There is lot's of documentation directly in config.yaml.



Keyboard commands

q: quit
c: reload the config from file (if you changed it)
d: toggle debug mode
r: register person(s) 
u: unregister last registered person(s)

You can change these in game/

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