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This script under development allows to extract all specified LRRs motifs of interest.

Usage: perl <options>                                                                                                                               Required options:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
       '-p|--inseq_pep'  input fasta protein file
       '-d|--inseq_domains'   input domain annotation
       '-o|--outfile'    prefix for all output files
       '-m|--motif'      degenerate motif to search for in regex format
       '-b|--before'     consider motives only N' to this domain
       '-a|--after'      consider motives only C' to this domain

Example usage: 

perl -p Athaliana.pep.fasta -d Athaliana.pfamdomains.parsed.verbose.tsv -outfile Athaliana.lrrcrawler.results -m 'L..L.L..' -a NB-ARC