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TypeError thrown at undefined values #54

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If u pass in an undefined value, it is not caught by absurd. It would be nice if absurd would tell you where the error happen by throwing its own or notify you in some other way that you probably did something wrong :)


return {
  body: { width: undefined, }

Error: (no mentioned of where in the file it happened... :( )

Running "absurd:cssmin" (absurd) task
Error: '/Users/mozilla/Dropbox/www/nybl/kiwi/src/absurd/CommentBox.css.js'. [TypeError: Cannot call method 'toString' of undefined] TypeError: Cannot call method 'toString' of undefined
    at Object.add (/Users/mozilla/Dropbox/www/nybl/kiwi/node_modules/grunt-absurd/node_modules/absurd/lib/api/add.js:168:16)
    at Object.add (/Users/mozilla/Dropbox/www/nybl/kiwi/node_modules/grunt-absurd/node_modules/absurd/lib/API.js:117:16)
    at module.exports (/Users/mozilla/Dropbox/www/nybl/kiwi/src/absurd/CommentBox.css.js:39:7)
    at importFile (/Users/mozilla/Dropbox/www/nybl/kiwi/node_modules/grunt-absurd/node_modules/absurd/lib/api/import.js:37:26)
    at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/mozilla/Dropbox/www/nybl/kiwi/node_modules/grunt-absurd/node_modules/absurd/lib/api/import.js:47:4)
    at Object.import (/Users/mozilla/Dropbox/www/nybl/kiwi/node_modules/grunt-absurd/node_modules/absurd/lib/API.js:117:16)
    at /Users/mozilla/Dropbox/www/nybl/kiwi/src/absurd/absurd.js:16:15
    at (native)
    at module.exports (/Users/mozilla/Dropbox/www/nybl/kiwi/src/absurd/absurd.js:15:11)
    at importFile (/Users/mozilla/Dropbox/www/nybl/kiwi/node_modules/grunt-absurd/node_modules/absurd/lib/api/import.js:37:26)

I admit that absurd has a problem the error reporting as well as with the usage of the compiled file into the browser. It is a little bit difficult to find out where the style is defined. Especially if you use combineSelectors: true. Let's keep this issue open and I'll think about putting try-catch blocks here and there to see what is the effect.

@krasimir krasimir referenced this issue from a commit
@krasimir Resolving #54 e51e72e

I added a try-catch block in the add method. So now if you do:

    body: {
        width: undefined,
        padding: '20px'
}).compile(function(err, css) {
}, { minify: false });

You will get:

Error: Error adding: {"body":{"padding":"20px"}}

So, it tells you which object causes the problem.

test case here

@krasimir krasimir closed this
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