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JavaScript controller

The initialization

Just include animate.js in your HTML and do the following:

var el = document.querySelector(".your-element-class");
var controller = Animate(el);

Adding a class (i.e. starting animation)


The add method append CSS class to the className property of the element. The function also accepts second parameter - handler which is called once the animation finishes.

controller.add("flipInY", function() {
    alert("flipInY finishes");

Removing a class (i.e. returning to the initial state)


Normally when you use the Out methods your element is hidden at the end. If you want to return it to the initial state use remove method.

Catching the end of an animation

All the function in the controller's API return the API itself. This means that you can create a functional chain like for example:

.end("rotateOutUpRight", function() {

You may have nested closures and to keep the readability will be good to use the end method. It accepts name of a class and handler notifying you about the end of the animation.

Very often I needed to start new animation once another finishes. And instead of doing that in a closure I changed the end method a bit. It also accepts a string as a second parameter, which is actually new Animate.css class.

.end("flipInY", 'rotateInDownLeft')
.end("rotateInDownLeft", 'bounceOutDown');

Removing all the added animation.css classes

Sometimes you will need to remove everything and start adding new classes. The following method could be used:


Running animations in sequence

controller.sequence('flip', 'flipInX', 'flipOutX', 'flipOutY', 'fadeIn', 'fadeInUp');

I think that this method is self-explanatory. Have in mind that every animation class is removed before to add a new one.