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Zero config CLI for running JavaScript/TypeScript files
JavaScript TypeScript
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Zero config JavaScript/TypeScript runner
right in your terminal


  • Zero configuration 🚀
  • Transpiles and runs JavaScript and TypeScript ⚙️
  • Single-folder file browser 📁

What and Why

Hopa is a command line tool that does the following:

  1. Reads the current directory and lets you choose a file.
  2. Transpiles the file and produces a valid JavaScript bundle. It uses Rollup so it does resolve your imports.
  3. Runs the generated bundle via node and shows you the result.
  4. It also runs a watcher so changing the files will trigger new compilation.

I did this little tool because I'm tired of creating dummy repos, copying webpack files, switching between terminal and browser just so I can run some "modern" JavaScript. I know about solution like CodeSandbox and CodePen but I want specifically to exercise my code in the terminal. And I want to do it quick, without configuring stuff like Babel and Webpack.

More about the story here


npm i hopa -g


Go to the folder that contains your files and run hopa.

> hopa

This will display a menu and you have to pick a file. You'll get transpilation, bundling, running and watching.

> hopa -i script.js -o bundle.js -m

Gets script.js, transpiles it and bundle it to a new file called bundle.js which is also minified. No watching in this case. It's a single-shot operation. -m and -o are optional. If the output is not specified Hopa creates a file with name bundle.<your file>. Have in mind that this feature is experimental. I find that in some cases Hopa can't resolve properly modules and errors out.


Hopa demo

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