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DCPU16: refer to deNULL's as the compatible assembler. Tempor…

…ary delist Mappum assembler, which still does not handle [dot]directives
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krasin committed Apr 13, 2012
1 parent d245c64 commit dc30789784a105e0372143344cc6969012be4216
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@@ -121,7 +121,10 @@ fib.s:
SET PC, POP ; The Notch order
-You may want to try it in one of the [online DCPU assembler and debugger by Mappum](
+You may want to try it the [online deNULL DCPU-16 Assembler, Emulator & Disassembler](
+Other assemblers may or may not be able to compile the output from DCPU16 LLVM backend.
+Hopefully, the situation with the compatibility will improve soon.
After you compile and run the program, the final state would be something like:
==== REGISTERS: ====

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